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Within any organisation there is a need to share information contained in a large number of documents. Ideally you want to create an electronic document database where each document is carefully indexed according to keywords, archived, fully secure and available to the system’s users. Through our document management implementations we assist our customers reduce document production costs, avoid data duplication, reuse documents, share and easily distribute corporate knowledge.

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  • Centralisation of electronic documents in a single repository, the stability and accessibility of which is managed securely.
  • Sharing of documents between users (internal employees or external partners) with secure rights management (access, reading, editing).
  • Consulting and searching for information in documents of any format (text, images, audio) in record time.
  • Notification each time new information is added to the system
  • Enhanced information quality and customer service thanks to better circulation of information, subject to control
  • Traceability of information inputted, consulted and modified
  • Rationalisation of electronic files and reduction of storage space
  • Possibility of ensuring that information is secure while still accessible
  • Used in conjunction with our AGSES and DataLeak Protection solutions with ensure a 100% secure Document Management environment.

Companies gain a definite edge over their competition by implementing an effective and efficient document management strategy. UNICUS offers agility, flexibility, and control over the entire communication process enabling our clients to do business faster and more accurately.
In addition, executives that effectively manage document processes have visibility into all enterprise communications and can rapidly modify them as business needs and market requirements change.

Unicus is currently engaging with a “Blue Chip” Document Management Solution provider in a partnership for South Africa – Watch This Space.

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