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UNICUS Solu(IT)ons (Pty) Ltd is a 100% black owned South African Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company that provides services and solutions to clients in both government and the private sector. UNICUS’ business focus is based on the premise that today more than ever businesses need integrated management solutions that enable them to manage all elements of their complex enterprise resources.

UNICUS was established in 2003 by Jabu Sibanda who holds a 100% share of the company. Since its inception, Jabu and his Management Team have been the main drivers of the development and growth of the company and moreover the most active participants.

UNICUS is a company that has the proven capability in delivering quality solutions and services and it is an organisation that is truly committed to the empowerment process in our country. This is demonstrated in the projects undertaken and contributions made primarily through utilisation of its success as an ICT organisation.

UNICUS is strongly placed to partner with its customers as it has the skills, tools, processes and methodologies to ensure the success of its projects using our core competencies, our continually evolving service model that provides scalable and sustainable solutions that can be rapidly implemented on time and in budget and all delivered by our highly skilled team with an extensive breadth of strategic and technical expertise and the ability to share this expertise with our customers.

Our Solutions

Unicus Solu(it)ons is able to deliver comprehensive solutions that specifically address your business’s complex requirements. By combining industry expertise with award-winning innovation, Unicus Solu(it)ons further enhances our expertise through the on-going collaboration with carefully selected Partners.

Our Customers

Unicus Solu(it)ons delivers multi-million Rand Turnkey Projects to Public and Private Sector Customers across multiple Industry Verticals.

Our Partners

Unicus Solu(it)ons partners with “Best of Breed”, technologically unique and most highly qualified and skilled Partners in their respective product areas.

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In South Africa Government and the Private Sector are undergoing a process of transformation, driven by social, economic, political and technological changes. Such changes determine the course of short and medium term actions and decision making by Government and Business. Major system integration and upgrading represents one of the greatest challenges that Government and the Private Sector faces today. Issues such as compliance with financial / healthcare regulations, adoption of new management systems, rollout of new technologies, security of information, both internally and externally. The drive towards the “Smart Citizen” and “BYOD” concept which is oriented towards achieving greater access to the Internet for all and the huge benefits this brings to all. To reap the benefits of this technology adoption fully, Government & Private Sector have to generate an increase in economic productivity and an improvement in the quality and accessibility of services which benefit all in South African.

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