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SecureSMART Classifications (Highest – NATO Restricted)

Eavesdropping and industrial espionage does that really happen?

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SecureSMART Classifications (Highest – NATO Restricted)

Eavesdropping and industrial espionage does that really happen?

Unfortunately, the answer is – YES IT DOES – The damage to individual companies is often in the millions and more companies are being forced to take new countermeasures. Nowadays opponents neither are that charming like characters in movies nor do they have a face. Today companies are confronted with anonymous groups in “cyberspace”.

UNICUS will assist in the selection and integration of state-of-art solutions for secure communication.

Individually according to you or your organisations needs

whether smartphones via iOS iPhone, Android, Windows, BlackBerry or landline integration

we integrate across system boundaries.

the ultimate solution, from two individuals or for organisations requiring secure communications 

SecureCall Gov 3.2

Silentel SecureCall is the solution for mobile communication security. It’s primarily dedicated for two communication participants using their mobile phones. Silentel SecureCall is available in two versions – Business and Plus (Government or Gov). Main difference between them is in the method of encryption. Business version is pure software application with an encryption performed in software memory of a mobile phone. Plus version consists of software application and Mobile Security microSD Card (MSC) with cryptographic chip. Encryption in Plus version is performed in MSC using its internal encryption algorithms. Slovak NSA certified and evaluated specific compilation of Plus (Government) version of Silentel SecureCall.

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SecuVOICE secures your mobile voice communication. With SecuVOICE, the hardware-encrypted cryptography solution all calls between SecuVOICE participants are encrypted in such a way that spies have absolutely no chance of understanding the contents.


At the same time, SecuVOICE guarantees 100 % authentication of your conversation partner– so you always know who you are talking to. SecuVOICE provides the highest level of security using landline as well as mobile phone networks.
Communication as easy as usual

– Usual ease of making phone calls

– Excellent voice quality

– Easy and intuitive operation


SecuVOICE encryption has been approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) at the VS-NfD (Classified – For official use only) and the “NATO Restricted” security levels. Also SecuVOICE was approved for the “Departementaal Vertrouwelijk” security level by the “Nationaal Bureau voor Verbindingsbeveiliging“ (NBV) – a branch of the AIVD. This corresponds to the German VS-NfD security level (Classified –for official use only). That’s why SecuVOICE is ideal for government authorities and companies which need to reliably protect their information.


In addition, Secusmart is the first manufacturer to offer the SNS standard (secure cross network communication) in modern business Smartphones with their SecuVOICE mobile communication solution.


SecuSMS offers you hardware-based encryption for your messages. All text messages sent between mobile phones equipped with SecuSMS guarantee that the content is in fact from the displayed sender – and that nobody but you can decrypt these SMS messages. SecuSMS and SecuVOICE are working on the same Secusmart Security Card. The Secusmart Security Card contains a tamper-proof crypto unit which facilitates a maximum level of security and unambiguous identification. The card also provides encrypted memory storage for all types of files (e.g. SMS, contacts, etc.) Both sender as well as recipient must be equipped with a Secusmart Security Card.

– Hardware solution using Elliptic Curve Cryptography

– Certificate-based subscriber authentication

– End-to-end voice encryption using 128 bit AES

– Fast Diffie-Hellman key agreement (ECDH)

– Certificate-based key authentication for protection from man-in-the-middle attacks

– Approved for VS-NfD and NATO Restricted security levels!


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